How many genres does Arklight: Operation Nightfall cross?

I was writing a description for Arklight the other day, and I found it impossible to categorize it traditionally.  Maybe one day, the powers that be will create a cross-genre classification.  So many books today seem to fit into the cross-genre category easier than the traditional one genre categories.  Arklight is best described as a Christian-based action-adventure historical mystery-suspense real-person science fiction novel (and breathe)…  It’s really difficult to categorize in my humble opinion, however I’m not a literary expert by any stretch of the imagination.  I’m a cop.

Truth is, I had no idea I was going to write this book, or that I would be almost finished writing the sequel (with a third book already outlined).  I actually pitched the concept to an accomplished author friend of mine, and he told me that I should just write it.  It sounded so simple, like the saying of a popular shoe company.  This friend of mine has a great faith, with an equally sound moral compass.  He’s the type of guy you listen to when he speaks.  After some time went by, I just sat down and started writing.  One month later it was done at some 65k words.  However, it took another few painful months of work to have Arklight presentable.  It’s at the editor with close to 94k words full of color, description, and suspense. 

So, in a few weeks I’ll share this incredible information-packed story of Christian-based fiction with the world (or whoever I give a copy to).  Maybe some people will read Arklight, or maybe they won’t.  Would profitable sales be nice?  Of course they would, but that is the last thing I’m concerned about.  This book did a work in me through the teachings of God, and I am a better man for writing about what was learned.  It’s hard for any author to recoup the thousands of hours of work they put into their projects, but it’s easy to quantify the spiritual growth you experience in a work of Christianity (even a fictional novel).  In the end, if Arklight reaches one person, and affects them positively – that’s a huge win!

May God Bless our country (especially Texas and Louisiana at present), our military, first responders, and all those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Author: Arklight13

I'm a decorated law enforcement professional and long time SWAT cop. I'm a veteran U.S. Marine and a former Special Deputy U.S. Marshal previously assigned to the Gulf Coast Regional Fugitive Task Force. Today I still serve in a law enforcement command position, and live in the Birmingham, Alabama area.

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