Fuel for the vision

My military background and training as a USMC Special Reaction Team operator built the blocks on which this story stands. However, the motivation to write the Arklight series evolved during my time working in law enforcement special operations some years later. Several people influenced this work, but I wanted to share some of the images which fueled the vision. I searched for the cutting edge technology you would expect the top tier operators in the U.S. arsenal to wear. The artwork of Alex J. Jessup jumped out at me, and I bought this work to display on my story board. 

The Arklight teams are outfitted with cutting-edge reactive camouflage, 3D Gen. 5 night-vision systems with thermal imaging, stealth tech, and state of the art ballistic protection. The communications, tracking and integrated targeting systems all work through a heads up display within the operators helmet. The best conglomerate of soldiers in the world, all geniuses in their own right, working with the best tech ever designed; combine to become a nearly unstoppable weapon for good.

Through my experience working in high-stress environments, where bad decisions result in the loss of life, the chaos of the Arklight story was spawned. My goal was to throw so much information at the reader they become totally immersed in the story. The action of the adventure and the development of the larger plot bring a ton of color to the secrets discovered. Since finishing the initial write of the sequel, I have to say this story is growing to epic proportions. A trip to Nashville, Tennessee will help develop some of the final details for Arklight: Operation Interdiction (Book 2).

Look for Arklight: Operation Nightfall to release on all available sources by October 20th, 2017. Stay tuned for the upcoming release news! 1*

Pray for Las Vegas and those affected by an act of evil.

Author: Arklight13

I'm a decorated law enforcement professional and long time SWAT cop. I'm a veteran U.S. Marine and a former Special Deputy U.S. Marshal previously assigned to the Gulf Coast Regional Fugitive Task Force. Today I still serve in a law enforcement command position, and live in the Birmingham, Alabama area.

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