Arklight: The Definition

Since the word Arklight doesn’t technically exist in the English vocabulary, I thought I would define it (The perks of fiction). I got the idea for the name based on several factors. First, and foremost, it sounded cool. Secondly, a word that is defined in the vocabulary is very similar. Arc-light is a lamp in which the light source is a high-intensity electric arc either between carbon rods in air or between metal electrodes in a xenon gas atmosphere enclosed in quartz bulb (

If you have read Arklight, I think it will be easy to understand the similarities. One other use of the proper term refers to the Vietnam War in Operation Arc Light. That operation saw the use of B-52F Stratofortresses in close support operations during that conflict. You might see that again somewhere.

So, that brings me to the definition of Arklight which serves as the beyond top secret name for the unit featured in the novel. The definition of Arklight; an explosion of blinding electrical light signaling the arrival of God’s chosen warriors. A blast of righteous heavenly power upon the Earth.


Author: Arklight13

I'm a decorated law enforcement professional and long time SWAT cop. I'm a veteran U.S. Marine and a former Special Deputy U.S. Marshal previously assigned to the Gulf Coast Regional Fugitive Task Force. Today I still serve in a law enforcement command position, and live in the Birmingham, Alabama area.

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