Arklight Book 2 Progress

Reviews are starting to come in for Arklight: Operation Nightfall on Amazon and Goodreads.  Another 5 star hit today.

Operation Interdiction is almost through its second rewrite. I’m looking for a few good beta readers for this second installment. So, let me know if you’re interested. This second book picks up 6 months after the first installment and will see the emergence of Magnus O’Keefe, the prime antagonist, throwing a wrench into Arklight’s path. This disgraced former Special Air Service (SAS) operative has a history that promises to interweave the Arklight story to a much deeper level.

The utter destruction of the world is Magnus’ goal, but this epic storyline has so much left to uncover. The Storm on the Sea of Galilee is within the grasp of Magnus and Arklight in the beginning of Interdiction. A bitter and bloody battle to maintain control of the Arma Christi, the Templar journal, and the world’s survival gets started this spring. If you liked Nightfall, Interdiction promises to bring a more visceral experience with a bad guy you will love to hate.

Also, book 2 really dives into the Adam panel codex and what it means. The story will grow exponentially to allow readers a glimpse into where the series is headed. All Christians know Armageddon is inevitable, but maybe Arklight can save us from a terrible fate. The race to discover the ultimate weapon is on, and an epic battle will rage on until the bitter end.

The projected release looks like February 2018. Book 3, Arklight: Task Force Crusader is getting prepped for an initial write very soon. Thanks to the readers!!

Author: Arklight13

I'm a decorated law enforcement professional and long time SWAT cop. I'm a veteran U.S. Marine and a former Special Deputy U.S. Marshal previously assigned to the Gulf Coast Regional Fugitive Task Force. Today I still serve in a law enforcement command position, and live in the Birmingham, Alabama area.

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