Task Force Crusader – The Blurb

Powerful enemies threaten.
Everlasting judgment begins.

Reoutfitted and recovered from the costly Battle of Nashville, Spear Team launches a crusade to uncover the truth. This time, they know their enemy: a brutal and cruel special operative known as Magnus O’Keefe. Desperate to locate the next piece of the ultimate weapon, Arklight launches a mission to retrieve the infamous Spear of Destiny. Soon after, they learn of another bygone piece of the puzzle that has been unearthed, bringing to light an astonishing history, lost in the annals of conspiracy and lore. A long-forgotten Nazi regime will stop at nothing to finish what they started under Hitler’s genocidal rule. Rising from the ashes, the Fourth Reich’s Order of the Black Sun covertly initiates the final solution, using a weapon of unimaginable destruction.
Bridging over two thousand years of human history, two timelines converge into a singular event; while Spear Team struggles against Magnus, the Alsos Mission Team transcends time, continuing their quest to understand the cryptic Knights Templar journal. In the midst of World War II, clues lead the Alsos Team on a journey until they learn of a judgment day – planned since the beginning of all things. Purpose drives this “battle to end all battles” against an ancient foe, who is fighting to free itself from a dimensional prison – that is, until the portal is opened, the seal is broken, and the Apocalypse begins. The ultimate battle of good versus evil takes place in this final installment of the Arklight trilogy.

Arklight: Task Force Crusader

I’m happy to announce that the cover art for book 3 is complete and that production is ON SCHEDULE for a December 2019 release date! To celebrate, I’ve dropped the price of book 1, Arklight: Operation Nightfall down to 99 pennies. Book 2, Arklight: Force Interdiction has been added to Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited, where members get it for FREE! Give them both a try if you want to experience a genre-bending time-travelling battle quest to end all battles. For those of you excited to read the epic conclusion to the Arklight saga – I’ll have a few tidbits releasing over the next few weeks! Stay tuned and stay frosty!

Task Force Crusader

I had to look up a couple of novels that I knew were distinguished in both content and length. For instance, J.R.R Tolkien’s books are epic, some of them extending beyond 140,000 words in length. Arklight: Task Force Crusader is now in rewrite mode where it will inevitably swell, then shrink, through the editing process. After today’s progress, it sits at a comfortable 128,000 words, give or take a few. Not Tolkien territory, but it’s pretty close. So who cares, right?

Amazingly enough, Arklight has a modest fan base and I thought it worth mentioning, since the previous two books came in around the 85,000 word mark. This story is going to have an epic beginning, middle, and end that should hook everyone in. I’ve condensed what could have easily been two books, into an information-packed action-junkie frenzy that should delight any reader. The historical accuracy will keep your Wikipedia searches ablaze, while the story takes you on a journey to the very end – the end of all things. Yeah, the stakes are larger than life!

I’m looking forward to hearing from the beta readers already, and I’m still a couple of months away from that stage of the process. This story loops factual history through a maze of well-known conspiracy, following Biblical prophecy from the Crusades into the modern day. Spear Team is getting ready for one last ride into the depths of discovery this summer! Magnus is hot on their heels. Task Force Crusader is coming at you in full force!

Look for the award-winning Arklight: Operation Nightfall and the recently released sequel, Arklight: Force Interdiction on Amazon and Amazon Unlimited. The final installment of the trilogy, Arklight: Task Force Crusader will released sometime this summer!