Good morning everyone! I mentioned a couple months ago that I secured the first 50 copies of Arklight: Operation Nightfall. It being the first book of this 5 book series, and it being my first book, it holds a special place in my life’s story. The 50 copies I secured aren’t just regular prints, they’re story edited 1st edition draft copies, which will never exist in this form again. That said, I will part with a few of these copies.  I’m signing, numbering, and giving them away over the next two months in advance of book 2, Arklight: Force Interdiction. If you’re interested in a free personalized signed 1st edition copy, the rules are simple.

    1. To enter, leave a verified purchase review of Arklight: Operation Nightfall on Amazon and/or Goodreads.
    2. To verify, comment that you reviewed the book on Arklight’s facebook visitor’s page.
    3. So easy, you probably don’t even have to put your coffee down! I’ll pick three (3) winners at random on March 15th, 2018. I’ll Instant Message you for mailing instructions upon being selected and shipping is free.
    Thanks to the readers!


Arklight: Operation Nightfall – The Full Monty!

Hello everyone! I wanted to announce that Arklight: Operation Nightfall goes into full worldwide release starting today! It spent 3 months with Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited, for a limited release, and over five hundred of copies were downloaded! The book has received excellent reviews thus far, and that was just the first draft edition. That release allowed me to iron out a few bumps in the road, in order to produce a truly professional body of work.

Prior to the worldwide launch, I was able to secure a wonderful new editor, Leah Vahjen. She took the already story edited version and helped turn it into something I am truly proud of. The story jumps from the pages and the characters got some great TLC to solidify their voice. Thank you Leah, for your council, ideas, and literary prowess!

Book 2, Arklight: Force Interdiction, is almost ready for editing. Hopefully it will be ready for release in March! Thank you for all the support!


ARKLIGHT: Force Interdiction coming soon!

Man Down!

The real battle begins:

BOOM – The shaped charge cut through the brick sending micro-pulverized particles exploding through the air. Most of the debris shattered into dust, but some pieces escaped destruction. A rectangular flash of light was the last thing Magnus saw before the blast fragments caused him to close his eyes.

He felt the familiar concussion of an explosive breach to his front. The force threw him backwards through the brick Murphy door collapsing him on his backside. Debris impacted him all over, but two places in particular burned with the sting of punctures. Magnus rounded his back flipping over to his hands and knees still facing the new threat. His formative British SAS training took hold despite the intense pain felt on his body and the deafening ring in his ears. The burning sensation on his face was quickly followed by a steady stream of blood.

The hope of an easy heist faded away as his mission now became infinity more difficult. Magnus struggled to reorient himself and focused through the distraction. His head throbbed from the concussion while the sting of injury pestered his senses. He instinctively reached for his twin pistols staggering upwards to his feet. The dust floated thick in the air and his confusion built into a dangerous rage.

Rico created another perfect doorway and Chappy stepped through the breach followed by Zip. The dust was hanging thick in the air while John moved his jaw about to ease the ringing between his ears. The over pressure was almost nonexistent and the team cleared inside. John entered the breach point walking behind Wisp on the right side. On the wall to the right was the painting, still perfectly intact.

John gazed upon the artwork for an instant before hearing shots ring out from the next room straight ahead. He swiveled his head to react, seeing Chappy disappear into the dust cloud. “I’m hit!”

  • In Force Interdiction, the team will come face-to-face with a savage and determined enemy. Stay tuned for more as book two gets closer to completion.

A must read!!

In doing research for Arklight, I spend a good amount of time reading and exploring Christian beliefs, history, and the military. I found a real gem of an indie novel last week and could not put it down. I think it’s safe to assume we all struggle with the “whys” of our lives, the “hows” we endlessly carry and the reason we have this deep level of questioning that often times never results in real answers. This book puts the facts of faith through a gripping and suspenseful walk down a long hall. However, you find that his is no hall at all. It is something far more ominous and deadly.

The way author, S.C. Freiberger chooses to tell her story is filled with truth, lies, and the dark path followed by far too many. Interested and thought provoking with well made points of fact.

The Long Hall: Where Lies Lead to Truth

Zip holds aim, ready to engage

It’s heating up in Nashville…

Zip scaled a large tree not far from the bank of the Cumberland River. Once on his perch, he assembled the Desert Tactical Hardened Armor Interdiction (HAI) .375 Cheytac sniper rifle. An advanced bull-pup design, the HAI served as a purpose built platform capable of 1500 yard accuracy through the integrated suppressed heavy-barrel. The night-vision with thermal coalesced optics proved capable in Bizerte, and tonight the team needed them once again. The assembly took Zip only a minute, as he quickly powered up the scope adjusting his dope for the heavy short range subsonic round. The Navajo warrior and former Marine Recon sniper quietly radioed, “Steady, I can see the longboat – 200 yards ahead… I see seven, no… nine men.”

I’m in the final rewrite before beta release and things are starting to get interesting.

An unbelievable story!

An exciting adventure story…

By Jim Forexon

WOW! I’m not much for fiction but his was an outstanding read. it’s one of those books that I couldn’t put down and felt like reading a chapter before bed was never enough. Now that I’ve finished it, I can catch up on my sleep. Mr. Myrick not only has a very creative mind, but he obviously has tremendous knowledge of the real world, history, military tactics, the works. I don’t usually write reviews but I felt this book deserved my contribution. Thanks for writing it. If you are interested in a full featured adventure story, pick this one.

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Arklight: Operation Nightfall


Arklight: Operation Nightfall

Arklight: Operation Interdiction Blurb

Here’s a little piece of Interdiction, which should drop in early 2018:

Coming on the heels of Nightfall, a dangerous foe emerges on the verge of an incredible discovery, tumbling the team deeper into the mysterious world of the Knights Templar. This ominous threat battles Arklight to take control of the next piece of Arma Christi while the fate of the world hangs in the balance. Captain John Steadman and his team must risk everything in order to uncover the cryptic paradox of the time key and the potential hell on Earth it could unlock. The ultimate weapon could not only destroy humanity itself, but would also unleash unimaginable horrors upon mankind. A mission unfolds, further entangling the past with the future, while Arklight fights across time itself on their path of purpose.

Meanwhile, John Bell, Ian and Richie battle their way across Europe on the ultra-secret Alsos missions during World War II. They soon realize the Knights Templar journal is full of intelligence they must investigate, while Hitler’s henchmen pursue them for the guide to the ultimate weapon. The past catches up to the present when the confidential Alsos mission findings are shared with the Arklight team. An incredible tale comes to light – so mind boggling it can barely be fathomed by Admiral Grant, and Arklight’s mission is dangerously compromised by Magnus and his blood thirsty mercenaries. The showdown between good and evil takes a turn in the second installment of this epic military action adventure series.