The Blurb

The United States’ most formidable secret unit impacts the past creating a line through history, revealing that God exists independent of time. Seventy-three years after World War II, while on a mission to capture the world’s most wanted terrorist, Arklight’s Spear Team, led by genius historian Navy SEAL Captain John Steadman, discovers a remarkable Nazi conspiracy. Through a supernatural phenomenon, the small Arklight team teleports to 1943 Bizerte, Tunisia, one day into the allied assault on the city. The team’s interactions with a group of Navy Raiders in World War II lead them to discover the Nazi plans for an atomic bomb and a weapon of Christ, known as the Titulus Crucis.
The Navy Raiders discover a powerful truth through faith, which binds them to America’s most modern and formidable warriors conceived to date. Historical figure Ensign John Bell and his small band of Raiders soon experience Arklight’s ability to wage all out warfare against the Nazi death-machine. In 1943, Hitler’s hope to rule the world stands on the fringe of reality, but the Arklight team’s encounter with a powerful force enables them a chance to alter destiny itself. The coveted mysteries of Christ are unveiled, and the team soon discovers the forces of darkness have a larger more ominous plan in play.

Arklight – Book 1

I wanted to announce that Arklight:Operation Nightfall will be coming out very soon!  This cross genre book incorporates some very interesting concepts.  The historical fiction elements and historical figures used in this fiction novel closely mirror reality.  Another interesting concept surrounds Christianity itself and the fact that God exists independent of time and space.

The concept for this book came from the history of modern warfare, and answered a question.  What would happen if the most modern special operations warriors in the U.S. arsenal engaged the Nazi war-machine?  How does that play out, and if it did, how would history be impacted?

There will be much more to come, including a complete walk through of book 1 and updates throughout this project!  Book 2 is already being written and this series continues to grow.

Historical Characters

Ian Fleming stands front and center in this story.  The cheeky Brit served as a Commander for British Intelligence during World War II and went on to have a very successful writing career.  Commander Fleming served in Gibraltar during the timeframe this novel takes place creating a plausible narrative for this fiction novel.  Maybe he wrote great spy fiction, because he actually lived it?

Ensign John Bell is recognized as one of the very first Navy SEALs.  Bell was attached as the XO of the Navy’s First Special Warfare Commandos.  They helped clear the beaches during Operation Torch creating legends along the way.

These two men lived real and honorable lives.  The fictional accounts are created to honor their memories and create more realism for the story.